Wendy Williams’ financial adviser hires armed security amid death threats

Wendy Williams’ financial adviser claims she’s a “prisoner in her own home”

and has been forced to hire armed security to protect her family from death threats.

Lori Schiller exclusively tells Page Six that ever since the former daytime talk show host

publicly claimed she canned the Wells Fargo adviser, she’s been “through hell.”

“I have 24-hour armed police officers outside of my house kind of vetting everyone that comes to my front door

It’s starting to affect my life. I’m a prisoner in my own home,”

she tells us, adding that her continued work on the account has been putting her family “at risk.”

“I’m kind of living in my own personal hell here,” she says.

Schiller tells Page Six that despite Williams’ claims, she was never fired and is still the lead adviser on the account amid the talk show host’s lawsuit against the bank.